5 Best Electric Guitar Songs for Beginners

Learning any instrument is a tough job, but learning how to play an electric guitar can be extremely challenging. Fortunately, there are many easy electric guitar songs which can help you as a beginner to master the fundamentals before trying harder songs.

5 best electric guitar songs for beginners

Take this article as a starting guide for your electric guitar journey and who knows, one day you may become one of the best electric guitar player in the world.

Let’s get started, shall we?

5. Smells like Teen Spirit

This song was arranged and performed by Nirvana . It allows amateur guitarists to practice three different techniques – playing strumming patterns by using muted strings, playing basic power chords as well as the technique of using a distortion pedal in mid songs.

In addition, the chords are very easy to play, once you learn how to power chords, you are good to go. However, you need to put your focus on strumming, use your hand pluck the strings. Lay your fretting hand flat on the fret-board, ensure it touches all the six strings.

While strumming up and down, you will hear a very percussive sound. After that, you need to practice how to form the barre chord, play it and then quickly deaden the strings using these techniques.

4. Iron man

This is one of the coolest electric guitar songs on the planet, yet it has some of the easiest chords to play. Tommy Lommi of Black Sabbath is the one who invented this technique of electric guitar playing. The guitar plays at a tempo you can easily master. What is interesting is that it sounds loud without too much flash lead guitar playing.

3. Day Tripper

This song was composed by The Beatles, and the guitar in the song does a pretty amazing job. However, the chords are not clear enough. The main chords for the verses are A7 and E7. The song then shifts to Amaj, G#7, F#7, Bmaj and C#maj. Therefore, these are the barre chords you should strive to master.

2. Wild Thing

For many beginners, this is the very first song they played on guitar, because it is not only very simple to play but also very ear-catching for such the easy song.

This song has only three simple chords to master. All these chords are on the basic chords that every guitar player should learn. The chords are A major, E major and D major.

For Jimi Hendrix version of the song on YouTube, you will hear that the keys sound different. He still plays on A, but his electric guitar is tuned a half step down, and thus it sounds like he is playing on Ab.

Although many people associate the song with “The Troggs”, the song was originally written by Chip Taylor.

1. You have got another Thing Coming

Back to the days when albums ruled the airwaves, many people were playing their guitars to the country rock songs of Newport Beach and Laurel Canyon Blvd.

Then came aggressive sounds of English superstars Judas Priest and their topnotch and out of this world power chords played on Stratocasters, Les Paul’s as well as Marshall Amps played as loud as possible.

When Rob Helford expressed his feelings about fighting, to shun away from poverty in the midlands of United Kingdom, you would feel that he meant every single word he uttered. It was a global outcry for youths.

More than a million New Fender electric guitars were bought within a few weeks. This simple song shows how it was a worldwide success. The best thing about it is that the chords in the song are catching and easy to play. In fact in our list, this is the easiest song that you can master in a matter of days.


To sum up, I believe you have enjoyed reading the article as much as I did writing it. Hesitate sharing with you are the reasons why I can strum my guitar today with no fear, and I believe you too can benefit from the songs.

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