Audacity 101: A Preview

If you would ask people what the best free sound editing software is, 9 out of 10 might probably say Audacity. Audacity is one of the most popular sound editors on the web because it is easy to use and it produces some of the best recordings. It works in all operating systems including Windows, Linux, and […]

An Audio Pass Filter Guide

Audio pass filters are used to attenuate frequencies. These are simple audio tools which are always present in any audio engineer’s toolbox. The two types of audio pass filter include high-pass filter and low-pass filter. The filter attenuation you can do with either of them is quantified by decibels (dB) per octave. Filters are used as […]

5 Best Compressor Pedal Reviews 2019

Among all the guitar pedals and effects, the compressor pedal is among the not-so-famous pedal effects out there. Most beginners in the field of music will probably just hear the reverb, delay, and distortion. However, the compressor pedal might just be as useful to you as any other effects.​ Some musicians may be wary of a compressor pedal. […]

Common Mistakes When Using Reverb

Image Source: Adding reverbs to your soundtrack is a basic effect you can use whenever you want to record and submit a good quality music. Recording industries around the world have been using this method ever since it was discovered. Thus, chambers as well as softwares such as plugins are commonly used in order to do […]

Different Filters and How to Use Them

Audio filters are used to work on the range of audio frequency, which ranges from zero Hz to more than 20 Hz. It’s a frequency independent amplifier, which means that it’s designed to pass, attenuate, or amplify sound, depending on the needs of your track. You can also use it to apply other effects, like reverb. […]

Different Types of Amp Device and How to Use Them

An amplifier is an integral part in building circuits and is important in designing electronic devices. The amplifier itself is an electronic device used to improve the signal, thus increasing the amplitude of the signal. The concept of how the amplifier works can be complex as it involves a lot of conditions and parameters. In fact, […]

Guitar Licks You Should Know for Blues, Country Music

One of the main reasons why blues and country music is so popular is because it has that raw ability to evoke strong emotions. There are many other reasons for that, the singer could be singing about something you can relate to, the beat could be easy to follow encouraging foot stomping in time with the music […]

High-pass vs. Low-pass Filters

Electronic filters are often used to remove parts or emphasize them so that they can be heard better. These filters are often used by audio specialists who mix music or edit the recordings of artists. Those who work in the biz will know that there are two types of filters – the high-pass filter and the […]

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