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7 Secrets To Master Barre Chords

One of the toughest challenges beginner guitarists have to face is how to master barre chords. It can be quite difficult to grasp for beginners especially as it requires holding down the entire set of strings on your neck down while placing your free fingers on different places on the fret board to achieve a certain sound. […]

Building a Guitar Pedal is now EASY!!!

To alter the sound of an electronic guitar, you need guitar pedals, also known as stomp boxes. They are famous for creating sound effects such as wah-wah, delay, tremolo, distortion or fuzz. They also help in controlling volume, equalization and modifying the tone of the guitar. Choosing the perfect pedal for your guitar and knowing […]

Common Mistakes When Using Reverb

Image Source: Adding reverbs to your soundtrack is a basic effect you can use whenever you want to record and submit a good quality music. Recording industries around the world have been using this method ever since it was discovered. Thus, chambers as well as softwares such as plugins are commonly used in order to do […]

DIY Toolkit for Audio Recording

Are you an aspiring dynamic journalist who loves interviewing different kinds of people and making stories about them? If this is the path you choose, then the very least you will need is an audio recording toolkit that you can bring around with you wherever you go. The question is, what’s inside an audio recording toolkit? […]

How to Correct Audio Phase

A phase is the vibration in the air. In other words, it’s the sound waves. In occurs when sound is created. Movement in the air causes a rippling effect, which leads to waves. Waves causes vibration in our eardrum, which is then processed in the brain and translate it into sound. In recording, problems with regards […]

How To Improve and Remaster Audio

Sometimes, the first try isn’t always the best. Sometimes, we have to draft it out and edit and tweak it until we are satisfied with the outcome. In making an audio, its pretty much the same. Audio pieces often undergo remastering in order to get the perfect song after a series of revisions. In editing, you […]

How To Use Artificial Reverbs Like A Pro

Artificial Reverbs aren’t easy to use in converting an ordinary audio into the polished one. Sometimes, it takes knowledge talent and creativity to come up with sounds that are very much pleasing to the ears. They say that knowing the ins and outs of artificial reverbs can help you create the greatest music there is […]

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