List of Devices Compatible With Artificial Reverb

Reverb is always present in our daily lives, without us knowing. It is defined as a series of sound reflection that happens within a certain space were sounds are made. Frequency, volume of the reflections and timings varies depending on the shape, size and the space of the contents.

Reverb plays an important role in making music. It does not only beautify music but it also gives music a more professional acoustic sound. Artificial reverb is often used by many sound engineers since they deem that natural reverberation is not enough to make a high quality recording with more sense of acoustic space. Artificial reverb gives room to creativity, uniqueness and it is cheaper to use, too. It allows you to mix overdubbed music or to focus more on instruments playing. For home studios, artificial reverbs give music a more professional sound. 

It is very important that you know what are the reverbs that you can use because if you over do it, your music will be a mesh of messy sounds. If you get the hang of it, then it may come out one of the best contributions to the music industry. Here are some of devices that you are worth investing in for home recording use.

Software Reverb

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Software reverbs are often found in you DAW. They are often used after recording music. You need to know and experiment more on your DAW in order to know which reverb plug in will work more for you. It is best you check out each parameter and learn how it affects the music. Software reverbs are mathematical algorithm that usually patterns the real reverb in order to get a perfect mix.

Analogue Reverbs

Analogue reverbs were discovered accidentally by many sound engineers. This is also known as the hardware reverbs and comes in different forms: spring and plates. Even if we are already in the modern times where Digital Reverbs are already invented and used, there are still people would still use analogue reverbs.

Springs are used in guitar amplifiers because it gives a unique sound. Half of the time, it does not work well with percussive sounds because it sometimes makes that twang sound, too. However, with the right software reverb plug in, you can use this one in mixing and making music.

Plate comprises of a sheet of metal about a meter long and it’s suspended on the wall along with a soundproof box. It is often used to detect vibration and feed them to a pre-amplifier. Normally there are two or more plates in a certain place. Two plates are hanged in different place in order to give a psuedo stero-mono output.

Convolution Reverb

Convolution reverb is used on digital simulating reverberation. It uses a pre-recorded audio sample of the impulse response that are patterned sound to be echoed and create an effect. This impulse response recording is stored in a digital signal-processing system. Then, it is convoluted along with an incoming audio signal that is going to be processed.

Electronic Reverb

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Electronic reverbs are effectors used with electronic guitars and microphoned vocals for live and sound recordings. It is also used for other instruments like clone wheel organs and digital pianos. This is often used for smaller venues.

Digital Reverb

Digital reverbs use signal processing algorithms to create a reverb effect. Often times, reverberation is caused by a number of echoes, simple reverberations that are group together to create a bigger and decaying reverbs that is processed by feedback delay circuits. Digital reverb generators often cause simulations on time domain response of a specific room and frequency.

Knowing the list of devices allows you to know what are the things that you can invest on if you want to have your own recording studio. Knowing their uses allows you to see what are the other options. Editing music with reverbs isn’t easy. It takes knowledge, talent and creativity to create the best and high quality music.

List of Devices Compatible With Artificial Reverb

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