Basic Guitar Effects Pedals and How to Chain

guitar effects pedals

In case you have just decided to begin playing an electric guitar and you are amateur to the music world, this article is just meant for you. As soon as you get an electric guitar and an amp that suits both your budget and preferences, the next crucial step is to explore the guitar effects […]

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Building a Guitar Pedal is now EASY!!!

build your own guitar pedal

To alter the sound of an electronic guitar, you need guitar pedals, also known as stomp boxes. They are famous for creating sound effects such as wah-wah, delay, tremolo, distortion or fuzz. They also help in controlling volume, equalization and modifying the tone of the guitar. Choosing the perfect pedal for your guitar and knowing […]

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Modulation Effects 101: Pieces to Use


Using modulation effects are what turn a bland track into a fun and interesting one. Anyone in the music industry will surely agree that these effects have the power to add depth, texture, movements, and emphasis on various parts of a song. Though some effects could be very subtle, they can still make a big […]

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Why It’s Important to Use Fades

fade effect

Fades are pretty important when you edit any type of audio file. They not only give the ending a better closure but can also give the recording a rather warm and mystical feel to it. However, fade effects aren’t only used at the ending. They can be used pretty much anywhere in the audio file, especially […]

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How To Make Audio Fades and Crossfades

dj mixer

Fade effect plays a vital role in transitioning audio tracks. Often, they call this the Fade In and Fade Out. These fade effects give a smoother transition from one track to another. Fade effects also reduce the clicking and ticking sounds that often occur when sound engineers edit  audio files using various tools and software. So, how do […]

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Different Types of Amp Device and How to Use Them


An amplifier is an integral part in building circuits and is important in designing electronic devices. The amplifier itself is an electronic device used to improve the signal, thus increasing the amplitude of the signal. The concept of how the amplifier works can be complex as it involves a lot of conditions and parameters. In fact, […]

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How To Improve and Remaster Audio


Sometimes, the first try isn’t always the best. Sometimes, we have to draft it out and edit and tweak it until we are satisfied with the outcome. In making an audio, its pretty much the same. Audio pieces often undergo remastering in order to get the perfect song after a series of revisions. In editing, you […]

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