Amp 101: How Amplifiers Work

u2 band

An amplifier, sometimes called an amp, is an electronic component which is used to boost the currents of electricity. What it does is to make signal stronger, in terms of voltage, current or both by a loudspeaker. An amplifier’s job is to turn a small electric current into a larger one, and there are various […]

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An Audio Pass Filter Guide

noise off

Audio pass filters are used to attenuate frequencies. These are simple audio tools which are always present in any audio engineer’s toolbox. The two types of audio pass filter include high-pass filter and low-pass filter. The filter attenuation you can do with either of them is quantified by decibels (dB) per octave. Filters are used as […]

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Different Ways to Filter an Audio


Filtering an audio is one of the most essential processes in refining a mix. It is also one of the easiest things to do so you don’t have to sweat over it. In fact, once you learn the basics and try to explore the features of your chosen plug-in, everything about filtering will be as […]

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Different Filters and How to Use Them

low pass filter

Audio filters are used to work on the range of audio frequency, which ranges from zero Hz to more than 20 Hz. It’s a frequency independent amplifier, which means that it’s designed to pass, attenuate, or amplify sound, depending on the needs of your track. You can also use it to apply other effects, like […]

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High-pass vs. Low-pass Filters

low pass filter 2

Electronic filters are often used to remove parts or emphasize them so that they can be heard better. These filters are often used by audio specialists who mix music or edit the recordings of artists. Those who work in the biz will know that there are two types of filters – the high-pass filter and the […]

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Top EQ Tips for Your Audio

equalizer wallpaper

An equalizer is used to manipulate sound frequencies to so that the audio will suit the kind of environment you will listen it to. For example, if you are in a place where the noise proves to give a bad effect to the sound, you can tone the bass a bit, pull the treble up, etc. […]

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How to Reduce Unwanted Noise in Your Audio

noise gate

When you are recording audios, it is unavoidable that you can get some unwanted noise. It doesn’t mean you can’t minimize it or even remove it though. In fact, there are a lot of tools and applications that exists which can help you remove those unwanted noise. You just need to choose ones that are […]

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