Top 5 Best Octave Pedals for You 2019

Any good musician knows the hassle it is to change octaves. Most often make the mistake and not invest into a tool that can help them with their performance. The best octave pedal can influence the overall sound and feeling of a piece of music’s flow note by note.

The Value of Octave Pedals

It is imperative to understand that your sound can (change directions). With octaves, it allows the musician to demonstrate control over what they are doing sound wise.

In laymen’s terms, an octave pedal allows you to control the pitch and range of your sound. It finds the dry signal of your tune and blends it with an octave that is higher or lower than it.

A good octave pedal adds an octave that is below the pitch playing and the one that is above it. This allows for control and better harmony of the song. Basically, you want to find an octave pedal that can change your octaves seamlessly. It can help compensate for those that want to add bass to their pieces without being too difficult for any intermediate to advanced player to use (example).

The best octave pedals are ideal for their ability to add varying levels to each piece effectively.

Octave Pedal Uses

For singing sounding riffs, octave pedals might be an excellent choice. The octave isolation and utilization allow it to work ultimately as a professional level of sounding (link).

For Example: Think of Iron Maiden, bands of that quality used octave pedals to improve their guitar solos. Classic songs like Seven Nation Army by The White Stripes could not have been made without the use of a good octave pedal.

Choosing the best octave pedal can be daunting at first. New musicians often make the mistake of buying an octave pedal without looking into the specs behind it. This leads them to buying one that does not get the job done.

The Differences in Genres, Size, & Uses for Octave Pedals

While there are many reviews out for the octave pedals, they fail in understanding the multiple genres of music. Music comes in different shapes and sizes and needs to be tuned effectively. Getting the right octave pedal can improve your audition performances to making a big impact while on stage.

  1. Look for an octave pedal that is versatile. While octave pedals simply use fuzz to help correct the octave being played, a versatile one will last years upon end.
  2. A good octave pedal can make the riffs sound thicker and clearer, making your guitar solos memorable. Octave pedals are useful for live performances as well as personal practice to both isolate a guitar’s ability to stand out from the rest of the instruments in a piece whilst helping control the overall octave relative to the rest of your pieces.

This means that it eases the pain of hitting the right octave within your performance. Octave and sound control is the main thing you want to look for when finding a quality octave pedal. You’ll find that the best pedals are responsive and durable. Basically, you need to find the right pedal for your upcoming performance.

Our Top 5 Best Octave Pedal for You

  • Joyo JF-12 Voodoo Octava Guitar Pedal
  • Electro-Harmonix Pitch Fork
  • DigiTech Whammyv-01
  • Boss OC-3 Super Octave
  • Electro Harmonix Micro POG


We decided that the winner is the Electro Harmonix Micro POG. It thickens the user’s sound while also increasing layers behind the music composition.

It is compact, making it easy for those who might be touring on the road. And its simple interface draws musicians in while giving out the maximum music production.

The customizable factors and features behind the Micro POG are the reason why it is the winner. In comparison to other pedals, the POG has features without a reduction in sound quality. The only drawback found is its price.

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