VOX amPlug AC30 G2 Guitar Headphone Review

Scared of annoying your neighbors? Want to practice guitar at school? Or do you only want to spend time with your family while practicing the guitar? Guitar headphone amps are essential to beginners, especially those who want to practice almost anytime anywhere.

They provide an instant amplifying effect to your guitar sound as you play your guitar through your headphones. What’s even better is that its size should be as big as your palm. It’s that small and compact, perfect for musicians on the go.

Today, we will make you the basics about things to look out for when buying your first guitar headphone amp. We have also included a product review on the famous Vox Amplug AC30.

What is a guitar headphone amp?

Just as we mentioned earlier, a guitar headphone amp is just a mini portable amplifier. It enables you to apply same effects you get from your amplifier when you play through your headphones. But in a smaller, more compact version.

However, as simple as they look like, guitar headphone amps will give you several things to consider should you decide to buy one. Later on, we will explain more about the technology and essential features of a guitar headphone amp.

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VOX has already launched different types of guitar headphone amps with different specs in order to cater to the different needs of guitarists and musicians out there. They actually have all three form types of guitar amplifiers: the bug type, the headphone type and the box or cabinet type. The cabinet type is actually a really small and mini amplifier.

The Vox Amplug AC30 belongs to the amPlug2 category. All the tones available for amPlug2 amplifiers are analog circuited. They include nine selectable effects for guitarists and nine built-in rhythm patterns for bassists.

Also, they come in different “flavors” or models. You can choose from the AC30 (which we will be reviewing), the Classic Rock, Metal, Bass, Clean, Blues and Lead.

For the connectivity, the AC30 provides decent headphone out and AUX in slots. And as for its power supply, you can simply just use two triple A batteries and it will last you a fairly good amount of time. However, do note that it works best with alkaline batteries.

VOX amPlug AC30 G2 Guitar Headphone Review

The Vox amPlug AC30 features an old model and the latest version the G2. Today, we will be reviewing the G2 model.

This particular model comes with an improved analog circuit and a foldable plug mechanism which rotates 180 degrees. The Vox Amplug AC30 is a bug type form of a guitar headphone. This is perfect for those who want to opt for a small compact and portable guitar headphone amp which can be taken and used anytime, anywhere.


Features and Benefits

The AC30 is actually very convenient for those musicians who don’t want to bring so many accessories. This is because the AC30 is a bug type model which does not need a separate cable anymore. Simply plug it in your guitar and you’re good to go!

Its improved analog circuit is what delivers the organic and bright tones you’d be hearing when you play using the Vox G2. The available settings, modes, and effects can also give you a lot of room for experimenting.

It also features an auto-power off function. This will come in quite handy if you’re the type to forget turning your amplifiers off. It can keep your headphone amp from heating up.

Another plus factor is its built in tuner. This feature is particularly perfect for beginners who still have a hard time tuning their guitar on their own. So instead of buying a separate guitar tuner, the VOX AmPlug AC30 can simply do it for you.

The essential effects found in the G2 is very helpful as they cover the some of the most needed effects for amplifiers. Also, it is very easy to operate, and every setting is functional even for beginners who only want to practice in private.

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