Top 5 Best Digital Delay Pedal For An Incredible On-Stage Performance

A digital delay pedal is one of the best supporting tools for the guitar. But how do you pick out the best digital delay pedal on the market?

If these are the questions that are keeping nagging you, let’s scroll down to find the answer!

Things You Need To Know

What Are the Pros and Cons of Using a Digital Delay Pedal?


Flexibility and compatibility: A digital delay pedal makes use of technology, which means it offers a broader range of applications compared to an analog delay pedal. You can perform more tricks on a digital delay pedal, mostly thanks to its algorithms.

Furthermore, the up-to-date nature of a digital delay pedal allows for a higher level of compatibility. In other words? You can match your pedal with musical software and devices for better support.

A longer lifespan: Because there is no circuitry installed inside a digital delay pedal, you will not have to worry much about its endurance.

A standard digital delay pedal is resistant to wear and tear so you should be able to use your gear for a pretty long time. No more worries about having your supporting tool broken, everyone!

Affordability: Since a digital delay pedal is built to suit the needs of amateur guitarists, it usually comes at a much lower price.

What are the pros and cons of using a digital delay pedal


Artificial sound: A digital delay pedal’s most significant win is also what makes it undesirable. While the technology installed in a pedal helps guitarists to achieve its flexibility, the resulting sound can be too “obvious”.

And what do we mean by “obvious”? It means that the sound is too clear and straightforward. It sounds flawless, and perfection is not something that all guitar players want. They want something raw and original that only an analog delay pedal can provide.

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Tricks to Getting the Most Out of a Digital Delay Pedal

Tricks to use a digital delay pedal

If you are about to engage in playing the guitar, the single repeat is the effect you are seeking. Before you get serious, let’s go and adjust the digital delay pedal with a short delay time. You also need to make the setting at a quarter or eighth note for the maximal outcome.

Remember to set the number of delays as “one” only and embrace yourself for the result. The echo produced will be smooth, sweet, and original thanks to the single repeat.

Are you planning on singing a love song? Or are you into gut-wrenching ballads? If so, you have to use this modulation delay trick. How many repeats are made and the gap between them will make or break a modulation delay, so pay attention!

To add more ambiance to your song, you need a whole lot of repeats. Setting the highest number of repeats possible, and you will notice the difference. Say hello to a much sweeter melody.

If you have a thing for heavy music such as rock or metal, a slapback is what you should add to your song. To produce a short yet powerful echo, a slapback puts out a reverb with a volume of two-thirds compared to the original sound.

To make sure the resulting echo can deliver a satisfying effect, you only need one single repeat. The trick will fail if you try to give out multiple repetitions. Let’s bring on the vibrant energy!

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What Is The Difference Between a Digital Delay Pedal And An Analog Delay Pedal?

An analog delay pedal is an excellent supporting tool for the guitar. First emerging in the 1970s, it still manages to maintain its popularity among professional guitar players.

An analog delay pedal pivots on the use of a bucket-brigade device, which makes the sound original and touching. While analog delay pedals were standard among legendary artists like Elvis, it is still a favourite choice of advanced guitarists nowadays.

A digital delay pedal is an updated version of the analog delay pedal. The function of this device is essentially the same as its older counterpart, except for the technology used.

A digital delay pedal relies on mathematical algorithms, which is a product of modern technology. These algorithms produce more accurate and precise sounds, making it a common choice for guitar beginners.

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A Review Of The Five Best Digital Delay Pedals

1. Afuaim Digital Delay Pedal

Are you looking for an affordable digital delay pedal with a high level of capacity?

Afuaim is the brand you are looking for, and we will present the pros and cons of this product so you can get the best insight!

Afuaim Digital Delay Pedal


  • Affordability. This Afuaim digital delay pedal belongs to the price range under $50. This cost is suitable for the majority of guitarists, especially non-professional ones.
  • Standard features. There are three main functions that an Afuaim digital delay pedal can deliver. They are Time, Feedback, and Mix. When combined, they can add more ambience to the melody.
  • Portability. Unlike other bulky pedals, Afuaim mini digital delay pedal prides itself on its small size. With a dimension of 3.7 x 2.1 x 2.1 inches and a weight of 6.1 oz, Afuaim is space-saving and highly portable.
  • Lighting interface. Whenever the digital delay pedal is turned on, the device will light up its LED indicator.


  • Limited applications. An Afuaim digital delay pedal can make a 1-second delay only, which prevents it from being versatile to other songs.
  • Low durability. An Afuaim digital delay pedal is not built to last. While it can work well when you perform on stage, do not expect Afuaim to be resistant to the tear and wear of festive gigs.

In short, Afuaim is still the best digital delay pedal if you are looking for something portable and easy-to-use.

Afuaim Digital Delay Pedal

Afuaim Digital Delay Pedal Timer Classical 

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2. Mooer Reecho digital delay pedal

Are you in for a small-size digital delay pedal, but you want to have something with a relatively high lifespan?

Let’s get to Mooer Reecho and see why it deserves to be the best digital delay pedal.

Mooer Reecho, digital delay pedal


  • Elegant design. Covered in a white mental shell, Mooer Reecho determines to add a lovely touch of color to your musical experience. What is better than to have an eye-catching digital delay pedal on the stage?
  • Versatility. Despite being a digital delay pedal, Mooer Reecho still manages to offer a variety of musical features. It can imitate the effect of an analog pedal, as well as the real echo and tape echo.
  • Durable. Thanks to the full metal shell of the product, Mooer Reecho can endure the force inflicted on the body of the digital delay pedal. It is highly resistant and will last a relatively long time.
  • Lightweight. With a weight of 6.4 oz, Mooer Reecho provides a hand-held and light device. It will also help guitarists save more space on the music board thanks to its small size.


  • Incompatible energy adapter. Guitarists cannot use the standard 9-volt battery and must resort to their own electricity supply.
  • While there are some minor drawbacks to a Mooer Reecho digital delay pedal, you cannot go wrong with it if you want something exquisite yet economical.
Mooer Reecho, digital delay pedal

Mooer Reecho Digital Delay Pedal

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3. Boss DD-8 Digital Delay Pedal

If you intend on taking guitar seriously, you might need to invest in a high-quality digital delay pedal.

In this case, we highly recommend that you have a look at Boss DD-7 – a legendary brand when it comes to reliable delay pedals.

Boss DD-7 Digital Delay Pedal


  • Reputation. Boss has been a well-known name in the musical instrument industry, especially when it comes to delays. Purchasing a product from Boss is equivalent to investing your money into a reliable source.
  • A variety of applications. Not only can Boss DD-7 give out a digital sound, but it can also imitate the classic analog mode. There is even a more extensive range of patterns, such as Modulation Delay or Stereo Output.
  • Extended delay time. Older versions of a digital delay pedal cannot hold up to 6.4 seconds, which is the record set by Boss DD-7. With this time set, guitar players can be creative with how they produce their songs.
  • Easy to control from afar. You do not have to use your hands to get the Boss DD-7 function. All you have to do is to move your digital delay pedal to the footswitch, which makes your experience with a digital delay pedal much more pleasant.


  • A limited lifespan of the included battery. While the package consists of a 9-volt battery, it does not guarantee to last long. Guitarists are advised to buy a separate adapter.

All in all, if you want a high-quality digital delay pedal, let’s go for Boss DD-7!

Boss DD-7 Digital Delay Pedal

Boss DD-7 Digital Delay Pedal

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4. Donner Multi Digital Delay Pedal

Another economic digital delay pedal that promises to bring out the best of your musical performances is a product from Donner.

Below are some of the advantages and disadvantages of a Donner digital delay pedal.

Donner Multi Digital Delay Pedal 7 Modes


  • Multiple delay effects. Besides the digital and analog effects, a Donner digital delay pedal can also deliver a Tape, Mod, or Lofi effect.
  • Durability. The shell is crafted from aluminum alloy, which strengthens the endurance of the product.
  • Easy control. Guitarists can easily adjust the Time, Feedback, and Mix functions to provide the most transparent sound.
  • Elegant design. The color blue accompanied by the typical structure of a Donner digital delay pedal will make your music board more captivating.


  • No power adapter is included. The package does not include a compatible power adapter for its 9-volt power supply.

In short, a Donner digital delay pedal will be your best bet if you wish to upgrade the quality of your guitar sound.

Donner Multi Digital Delay Pedal 7 Modes

Donner Multi Digital Delay Pedal 7 Modes

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5. Tomsline Engineering Digital Delay

And the last item on our list of the best digital delay pedals is a product from Tomsline.

So what makes this delay desirable for guitar players?

Tom'sline Engineering Digital Delay and Echo Delay Pedal


  • Unlimited range delay. With a time length that can reach 838ms with an unlimited number of repeats, Tom’sline can help you to be more creative with your melodies.
  • Convenient footprint with extra protection. To avoid any unwanted injuries or accidents, Tom’sline comes with a protection bar on top of the delay. Also, the surface of the delay is compact, making it ideal for better control over the music board.
  • Attractive gift box. The package comes in a tempting box, which is decorated with stickers and velcro zips.


  • Sounding issues. Specific volumes may drop without warning despite being turned on.
  • Noise issue. When engaged, the Tom’sline digital delay pedal can prove to be quite loud.

Except for the minor discomforts, Tom’sline is still a top digital delay pedal. Wondering which birthday present for your friends who own a guitar? Get a Tom’sline gift box immediately!

Tom'sline Engineering Digital Delay and Echo Delay Pedal

Tom’sline Engineering Digital Delay, Echo Delay Pedal

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In Conclusion

In the end, we would highly recommend that you go for a Donner digital delay pedal. Not only is it affordable, but it can also deliver a fantastic effect on your guitar performances.

Donner is cheaper than a Boss DD-7 digital delay pedal, but it still manages to hold up a variety of similar functions. While it might not be as lightweight as an Afuaim product, Donner stands out thanks to its compact design.

And the best thing of all? If you look at the tricks that can be done with a digital delay pedal, Donner can surprise you by its ability to do everything. What a bargain!

Do you find our review helpful? If so, please do not hesitate to share it around with everyone!

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