Top 9 Best Electronic Drum Set Reviews 2017

Alesis Nitro Kit | Electronic Drum Set with 8" Snare, 8" Toms, and 10" Cymbals

If you are looking for the best electronic drum set with the best features and values, you don’t have to break the bank. The best electronic drum sets will be fairly easy to find. With a bit of effort, you’ll be able to find the right one for you.

Electronic Drum Sets are seeing an increase in popularity. There is a myriad of choices that come in different sizes. Many of them have a few issues, but there are a few that stand out. So, we’ve decided to see what people prefer in their electronic drum sets.

Also, we have created a list of the top electronic drum sets you should check on the market. Read on to find the best electronic drum set that will give you the most value for your money.

Top 9 Best Electronic Drum Set

  • Alesis Nitro Kit Electronic Drum Set
  • Yamaha DTX522K Electronic Drum Kit
  • Roland TD-11K-S V-Compact
  • Yamaha DTX400K Electronic Drum Set
  • ​Roland TD1KV V-Drum Compact
  • Alesis Command Kit
  • Alesis DM10 Studio Kit
  • ddrum DD1 Complete Electronic Drum Kit
  • Roland TD-30KV V-Pro Electronic Drum Kit

Our Best Electronic Drum Set Reviews

Things to Look for When Buying A Electronic Drum Set

The advantage of using an electronic drum set go beyond just having an instrument. Electronic drum sets have a more diverse sound bank to choose from. The ability to play your favorite pieces can be easier than ever before.

Electronic Drum Sets can play music without needing to have a space that is soundproof. Thanks to most electronic drum sets having auxiliary sound output, you can practice in any space that it can fit without creating alot of noise.

Playing Better & Playing Easier

Electronic drum sets are also packed full of features that can make learning new drum patterns less difficult. Not to mention the ability to play music and drum along in real time whilst hearing how you should be playing makes it easier to learn to play sets.

Many have play along functions that can also open up possibilities for making changes in style or variations based on your creative needs. What you are willing to pay for and what you are capable of using are the only limitations.​

The training functions that are now added into electronic drum sets make picking up pieces a quicker task for intermediate to advanced players. Though, electronic drum sets are lighter and more compact than acoustic drum instruments.

More often they are much easier to transport, which makes them perfect for practice as well as performing live on tours or gigs. One problem is that due to their lighter build and more minimized design is they tend to be more fragile. Taking that into consideration when purchasing means ensuring you have the proper ability to transport them safely to avoid headaches.​

Picking Your Perfect Electronic Drum Set

Most drummers ask “How do I choose the best electronic drum set for my needs”. It’s an honest question. Picking apart what makes a great drum setup great isn’t clear cut. Good drummers can play with anything, but a personalized set matters. To truly shine, they need something personalized for their skillset.​

There are a lot of options for drumming musicians. Acoustic drums provide an organic feel due to their automatic responsiveness and require more upkeep in the form of maintaining and tightening drum tops.

Electronic drums make sense for musicians that want more sound options beyond what an acoustic set can offer. It can cut down on the process for recording music as well. It really depends on what you need. If you don’t anticipate recording anything, you can cut corners on which electronic drum set you purchase.​

Know this: Any purchase you make will yield returns based on what you invest both financially and time-wise into learning about the drum set itself.​

Your progress as a musician and your limitations can be dependent on the following.

Your Budget

How much are you willing to spend on an electronic drum set? The kind of drum kit that works the best for you depends on your goals. If you plan on playing high-intensity music such as metal, you might have to pay extra for a more durable drum kit. However, if you play indie or gospel music, then an economy value drum kit will work.

Acoustic Volume

Before buying an electronic drum, give it the “Acoustic Volume Test.” To start the acoustic volume test, play the drums regularly. Generally, with rubber pads the harder you play, the louder the sound.


How the drum works during a performance will determine its durability. Cheaper drum sets often lack in sturdiness and will break after a few performances. The lifespan of your drum is determined within a few minutes. Examine the top and underside of the drums to make sure your drum will last. Therefore, understanding the construction of your drum ensures that it will work.

Software Interaction

Does your drum kit work with well with software? Most drummers want to recreate the sound of acoustic drums. A quality drum set works seamlessly with the software. Thus, giving the drummer a wide range of sounds to utilize.

Benefits of Electronic Drum Sets

Electronic Drum Sets have a simple role, to improve the drummer’s performance. They also have a few benefits as described below.

A variety of Sounds: Acoustic drums are limited to one form of sound. Electronic drum sets allow you to change the sound of your drum kit with the touch of a button. For instance, an electronic drum kit can switch from a variety of effects quickly. With such a wide variety of sounds, you’ll play authentic sounds in different musical genres.​

MIDI: You can expand your sound range through connecting your drum kit via MIDI. MIDI is the worldwide standard for all electronic instruments. And used to produce creative sound effects. Thus, when buying an electronic drum kit, you can use MIDI to your advantage.​

Volume Control: A challenge that comes with acoustic drums is its volume. Electronic drum kits come with an adjustable volume knob. Thus, making it easier for recording and in venues where the stage volume can cause a problem.​

Practice: Electronic drum sets are perfect for practice. All models feature a built-in metronome, adjustable tempo, and a recording system. Also, some drum kits come with drills and exercises, giving you feedback. Thus, making it easier to learn the mechanics of proper drumming.​

Understanding Drum Modules

The drum module is the brain of your electronic drum set. Modules vary in number, quality, and type of the sounds they include. Some offer independent volume levels to create studio or custom mixes. Many of them come with preset drum kits tailored to various styles such as metal, hip-hop and much more.

Here are a few features when looking for a quality drum module:

  1. Natural Sound: A quality drum module gives an accurate trigger response. Basically, giving the drummer the same benefits of an acoustic drum kit.
  2. Presets: Each module offers a selection of preset patterns. Each pattern relates to particular music styles and drum kits. Most of the modules come with fully playable tracks for practice and fun.
  3. Sound Flexibility: High-end models offer a myriad of percussion instruments (bells, special effects). More expensive modules allow you to create new sounds. In fact, modules come with download capabilities to expand your sonic options.​

How to Use an Electronic Drum Set

Setting up your electronic drum set requires a bit of adjustment. As a drummer, your position can make or break your performance. Here’s how to get started.

  • Throne Height: First, adjust your throne height so that your knees are not above your hips. A proper throne height makes it easier for the rest of the components to fall into place.
  • Pedal Position: Drummers often fail when it comes to pedal position. They often put their heels on their knees; causing shin splits. Make sure that your knees are right below your shins to maintain a proper position.
  • Snare Position: You’ll want the snare drum located between your legs. Thus, allowing you to perform at the highest level of comfort. Keep the snare within reach, and you’ll be playing like the pros.
  • Cymbal Position: Keep your cymbals secure to prevent spinning. A rule of thumb is to keep it angled while having the logo at the top. Give it a bit of breathing room so that it can work efficiently. You will know if it is positioned right if it feels natural while playing.​


So, how do you determine the best choice from the drum sets mentioned above? Well, each set comes with their special features, but it’s up to you to decide which one suits your needs.

No matter what, there are powerful drum kits for all levels of skill.

For beginners, we recommend the Roland TD1KV. It is inexpensive and produces an excellent starting ground for practice. Intermediate drummers should check out the Alesis DM10 Studio Kit. The kit comes with an expansive array of sound effects. Providing quality sonic customization.

Lastly, the Roland TD-30KV V-Pro Series Electronic Drum Kit is for advanced drummers. For those wanting to make their compositions timeless, this might be perfect for you. It’s packed with an unlimited array of sounds. Also, it’s durable to withstand the heaviest performance.

Overall, we have provided you with what we know. The rest is up to you. Conduct a thorough research process and read quality reviews before buying. Whichever you choose, this guide will point you to the right direction.​

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