Top 5 Best Volume Pedals Reviews 2020

Finding the best volume pedal is a challenge. Getting that right sound is hard enough without incorporating all of the fragile mechanics of putting together the right equipment. Without the best equipment for your music needs, it’ll be even harder to portray your music to your intended audiences as you hear it.

Why Volume Pedals Are So Important?

Volume pedals are an investment not to be taken too lightly. At their cheapest, they can be a moderately costly piece to add to your music set. At their most expensive, they can be foundational pieces that can increase the ability of a musician to play explosively potent sets live.

The Main Takeaway: Volume Pedals are important pieces of any musical setup for those that want to perform live, and can be great for mimicking effects added in studio sessions. The simpler pedals focus on volume, and voice mimicking effects, whilst others can be used to loop.

While volume pedals are used from guitars to pianos to drums, the reason for its use sonically can be diverse. Some musicians use them to offer a more organic sound that mimics the human voice whilst others use it to add crispness, more reverb or other effects. Regardless of the reason for use, choosing the right one for you can be a headache if not done properly.

The amount of effects a volume pedal comes with can be based on both what company you choose as well as what you are willing to spend. For those that need a wider range of control and effects, the required equipment goes beyond just a basic volume pedal. The tension and release can affect the fluidity of your playing style.

Getting The Value & Finding The Best Volume Pedal

This guide will walk you through the definitive 5 best volume pedals that can make the difference between your music reaching the levels you need to stand out, without sounding too washed out.

If the goal it to have the best volume pedal for preserving the exact tone and sonic qualities with each piece of instrumentation, there are only a few strong options that are both affordable and reliable.

Important Point: The goal should be to pick up pieces of equipment that fulfilled a few categories.

  • Lifetime Value: Every piece, not only volume pedals need to have a long history of reliability without a loss in durability.
  • Quality over Price Or Brand: This means that it is engineered to engineer for a long time without losing control quality.
  • Transportability For Touring Or Gig Musicians: It should be durable and easily transportable without taking any damage when on the road or moving between studio sessions.
  • Price Point: Without sacrificing quality, keeping within budget will allow you to spend more on other resources for your music. Also, in the worst case, if it’s cost efficient you should be able to relatively easily replace the piece if damaged or stolen.

Volume Pedals are an important part of the full range of effects based tools for producing music. With rapidly increasing use, they are essential pieces of composition for some musicians, and for others are one of the more important components of their set.

Our Top 5 Best Volume Pedal 2020

  • Ernie Ball VP Jr. P06180 250K Potentiometer for Passive Electronics
  • Ernie Ball MVP, Most Valuable Pedal
  • Boss FV-500H Volume Pedal – High Impedance
  • Dunlop DVP3 Volume(X)
  • Mission Engineering VM-PRO Volume Pedal Pro with Buffer – red

Reviews Of Our Best Volume Pedal

The Verdict

The Mission Engineering VM-PRO Pedal is the clear winner. In comparison to other pedals, it completes the simple goal of performing. It gives a mixture of durable usage and high quality performance. One could be playing on this pedal for several years.

While it cost may not be ideal, it is still within the reasonable range that can be expected for a volume pedal that delivers this level of quality. The difference between it and it’s competitors is apparent from first use.

Other brands lacked in small nuances. For instance, the BOSS pedal is too heavy. This makes it hard to transport quickly or be used when doing shows. The ideal pedal, as mentioned before, should be easily transportable for quick setups, breakdowns, and transitions. The Mission VM-PRO Pedal is better due to its compact design and impeccable performance. However, they can only be used for short term performances.

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