How to Use A Delay Pedal: The Complete Guide

Whether you are an amateur or a professional guitar player, you must have heard of specific tools used to improve your guitar’s performance. In recent years, it is the delay pedal has that slowly become the most popular sound effect.

So what is a delay pedal?

In simple terms, a delay pedal is a small piece of equipment that creates an echo of what you have just played. While its working mechanism is straightforward enough, a delay pedal can bring excellent results. Find the best delay pedal here

How to use delay pedal

If used correctly, a delay pedal will add a touch of three-dimensional quality to your sounds. In other words, what you play on the guitar will feel real and subtle. Just imagine sounds that come from a deep well!

Also, expert players can rely on it to produce more diverse sounds. But in the end, it all boils down to a delay pedal’s ability to upgrade your guitar’s performances.

But how to use a delay pedal?

A technical device like a delay pedal requires more than first-hand experience. It must be used with appropriate expertise. In our article today, we would like to offer you the most comprehensive guide on the use of delay pedal.

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How to Use a Delay Pedal

Use a single repeat

If you are a guitar beginner and wish to add more colors to your sound, try using the single repeat on a delay pedal. It is basic, but the effect created is nothing less impressive.

No matter how your sound is like, a single repeat will deepen your performance. So how can you perform this trick?

First off, you need to pick a shorter delay time coupled with a quarter or eighth note. You should adjust your choices depending on the rhythm you are playing. Now all you need to do is to select the “repeat once” option and bang!

Your reverb will sound better and sweeter with the help of a single repeat. And do not forget to either set the dry or wet mix for optimal results.

Use a modulation delay

Delay Pedal Setting

Are you in for a soft and romantic ballad? If so, you have to use this modulation delay, which promises to charm your audience with its design.

So how can you use the delay pedal in this situation?

It’s simple. A modulation delay depends on two factors: the number of repeats and how wide each modulation is.

If you want your playing to be more atmospheric, all you have to do is to make sure there are as many repeats as possible!

Use a slap back

If rock or metal music is your favorite, you will know why we introduce this use of a delay pedal. As the name itself already states, a slap back has a volume of two-thirds compared to an original guitar sound.

It is worth remembering that a slap back only calls for one repeat. It can amplify your sound, thus making it more captivating. Next time when you go onstage for the latest rock hits, bring a delay pedal with you.

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Use a mimic

For those of you who seek a supporting echo for your lead phrases or short rhythms, a mimic made by a delay pedal will be the best. By setting it as one repeat with the delay level no stronger than a dry guitar, magic will surely turn up.

So how to use a delay pedal in this case?

After making the necessary adjustments, you can start by playing a few notes of your song. Then you should stop for a little while before the pedal repeats the sounds. Tada, well done on your job!

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In Conclusion

We sincerely hope this article has shed some lights for you on how to use a delay pedal, which is your secret weapon to explode on stage with the guitar.

If you find our advice helpful, please do not hesitate to share it around. It is 2019 and sharing is loving!

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