How To Use Artificial Reverbs Like A Pro

reverb plugin

Artificial Reverbs aren’t easy to use in converting an ordinary audio into the polished one. Sometimes, it takes knowledge talent and creativity to come up with sounds that are very much pleasing to the ears. They say that knowing the ins and outs of artificial reverbs can help you create the greatest music there is […]

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List of Devices Compatible With Artificial Reverb

electronic reverb

Reverb is always present in our daily lives, without us knowing. It is defined as a series of sound reflection that happens within a certain space were sounds are made. Frequency, volume of the reflections and timings varies depending on the shape, size and the space of the contents. Reverb plays an important role in […]

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Why Audio Normalization Is Important

audio normalization

Audio normalization is when you put constant gain to a recording so that you can bring the average amplitude to the desired level. In other words, it means changing the audio’s overall volume to fixed amount. However, when doing so, you don’t change the signal-to-noise ratio or the relative dynamics in the audio.  It just […]

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What You Need to Know about Absolute Polarity

absolute polarity

Polarity is not something you will normally hear in a natural setting. It’s purely an artifact of a edited or reproduced music. It is sometimes called the phase inversion and refers to the swapping of the positive and negative poles of a source. In other words, it means inverting both poles of the musical waveform. Though it’s true […]

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How to Correct Audio Phase

record drums

A phase is the vibration in the air. In other words, it’s the sound waves. In occurs when sound is created. Movement in the air causes a rippling effect, which leads to waves. Waves causes vibration in our eardrum, which is then processed in the brain and translate it into sound. In recording, problems with regards […]

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Facts You Should Know About Modulation Effects

modulation effects

Mixing songs is definitely fun and exciting especially when you’re almost done with a finished product. After recording a good set of vocals and instruments, nothing can make a song more refined than using the right effects. There is no denying that effects are able to give songs that extra pinch of pizzazz and depth […]

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