DIY Toolkit for Audio Recording

diy toolkit

Are you an aspiring dynamic journalist who loves interviewing different kinds of people and making stories about them? If this is the path you choose, then the very least you will need is an audio recording toolkit that you can bring around with you wherever you go. The question is, what’s inside an audio recording toolkit? […]

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Audacity 101: A Preview

audacity 101

If you would ask people what the best free sound editing software is, 9 out of 10 might probably say Audacity. Audacity is one of the most popular sound editors on the web because it is easy to use and it produces some of the best recordings. It works in all operating systems including Windows, Linux, and […]

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GarageBand 101: How to Use It


GarageBand is the very basic audio recording tool that you can use if you have a Mac on your end. It has amazing features, such as onboard buttons for easier means of playing music; a recorder for installing multiple tracks and for better flow of music; and so as a loop library where you can […]

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How to Use Audio Recorder Properly


The usage of an audio recorder is primarily done whenever you generate a track for your first demo, and for the songs that you will be making after your first one. Audio recording tools vary in many ways, depending on the brand of recorder that you’re using in order to capture footage of sounds. For those […]

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Why Reverb is a Essential Effect to Have

reverb effect

Over decades, reverberation has been widely used by a lot of professional musicians as a part of their toolkit which also includes amps, speakers and other trusted instruments. Reverberation is also naturally used in various locations such as live events in stages, and of course concerts. Definition of Reverb Reverb actually flows around the world […]

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How to Take Care of Reverb Tanks

reverb tank

Like any other tools, reverb tanks should also be maintained. Neglecting it would get it dirty, which in turn could cause problems if you finally use it when recording. There are some methods that can be done in order for you to properly care the reverb tank, and all it takes are some very easy steps. In fact, if you […]

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Common Mistakes When Using Reverb

aax reverb

Adding reverbs to your soundtrack is a basic effect you can use whenever you want to record and submit a good quality music. Recording industries around the world have been using this method ever since it was discovered. Thus, chambers as well as softwares such as plugins are commonly used in order to do reverberations. Some who […]

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